All Around This World is an inspiring global music and world cultures exploration for kids and their families.


All Around This World is a unique, interactive global music and world cultures program for children 0-9 years old  that encourages children and their families to explore the world by enjoying global music, rhythms and movement. Jay Sand, guitarist and children’s music teacher, world traveler and dad of three girls developed All Around This World with his girls as a way to introduce them to the countries he’s already visited and the many more he plans to visit with them.



by Jay

Revving up to Explore Everywhere

exploreeverywhere4Big things are about to happen for All Around This World.

Over the last few months I’ve been developing a new version of the program that will take All Around This World beyond a few local classrooms and make the dynamic multimedia content available to everyone, everywhere, on a daily basis. I’m calling it “Explore Everywhere.” You can check it out here. I’ve been testing out content for the last couple months on a small set of brave subscribers and I’m excited about the results. I’m now eager to open subscriptions to the public…though not quite yet. Watch this space and stay tuned for dates, timelines and an upcoming freebie deal that will be an offer you can’t refuse.

January 31st — Listen to jay on the Hilltown Families Variety Show

hilltown families 3Do you listen to the Hilltown Family Variety Show? If not, you must!

The Hilltown Family Variety Show is a fascinating radio program and podcast that entertains and educates you and your kids by inviting a different guest dj each week to create an hour-long program based on his or her favorite musical theme. Recent guests include Nick Deysher of The Nick of Time whose program, “Kickin’ It Old School,” treated listeners to an eclectic variety of American music genres like big band Jazz, Americana and classic rock, Tito Uquillas of the band, The Hipwaders, whose hour featured music from San Francisco Bay Area family bands, and my personal favorite,  Andrés Salguero of ¡Uno, Dos, Tres con Andrés!., whose podcast introducing Latin American music will bring a musical smile to your face.

I was delighted when Hilltown Family Variety Show host Sienna Wildfield invited me to join this illustrious group of musical guests with my own tour of African music, traveling with listeners all over the continent — north and south, east and west. Tune in to 103.3FM WXOJ on Hilltown Families - Supporting Education Through Community Engagement in Western MassachusettsNorthampton, MA, on Saturday, January 31st, from 9-10am to listen to some of my favorite African artists, and give a special sneak preview of songs in styles like Guinean drumming, Cape Verdean samba and Ugandan kadongo kamu that will appear on the upcoming CD, All Around This World: Africa.

If you miss the live broadcast you can find the archived podcasts any time at


Goodness gracious, what a year!

2014. 2014. 2014!

Thinking back on all the good times All Around This World had in the past year, but also very much ahead to 2015. Sure, in 2014 this little global music program for kids made some great strides, like:

– starting the year by announcing the results of a successful crowdfunding campaign

having the AATW: Latin America CD honored by the Parents Choice Awards

introducing a full world cultures curriculum for preschool and elementary school classrooms and connecting with several schools to pilot test the program this fall.

– recording over the course of the year with extraordinary African, Caribbean and South and Central Asian artists. All Around This World: Africa  is mixed and mastered and will be ready for release this spring.

– getting the personal honor to perform alongside Ella Jenkins at the National Association for the Education of Young Children national convention in November…

but 2015 is going to be even better. There are so many adventures yet to come.

Happy new year!






November 5-8, 2014: Jay and a team from All Around This World are currently in Dallas — yes, the one in Texas — at the national conference of the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Are you there too? Seriously? Then come over and visit us in booth 850! At the booth we’re telling visitors, about the All Around This World Classroom Kit and our new Weekly Webcasts, and much more. 

Also, Jay is honored to be sharing the stage Friday, November 7th, at 1pm at the Theater of the Convention Center with “the First Lady of Children’s Music,” Ella Jenkins, and the amazing Lucky Diaz. Ella is presenting a workshop entitled, “How Music Can Teach Children Basic Learning Concepts and Spread Joy at the Same Time.” Absolutely. 

ellajenkins2 Family Program: Lucky Diaz And The Family Jam Band

Hands-on Bomba workshop for kids in Philly on November 1

Alberto Pagan-RamirezAll Around This World Philadelphia announces an exciting collaboration with International House, one of Philadelphia’s premier hubs of international cultural programming, to offer interactive, informative and FUN hands-on cultural workshops for families with small kids. Programs will be 2pm the first Saturday of every month, starting November 1st.


Everyone will love drumming, humming and dancing with the Puerto Rican bomba rythms and chants of drummer, performer, singer and educator Alberto Pagán-Ramírez.

DATE: Saturday, November 1st, 2014
TIME: 2pm. (approximately 45 minutes)
LOCATION: International House Philadelphia, 3701 Chestnut Street in West Philly
COST: $5 per person 2 years and up, at most $15 per family. International House Members FREE.
AGES: Appropriate for families with children from infants to 8 years old.

Upcoming workshops

– December 6, Samba drumming with PhillyBloco’s Jay Beck
— January 3: Capoeira!
— February 7: Malian drumming with Ira Bond
— March 7: Dende (Afro-Brazilian drumming)
— April 4: African dance and movement with Adwoa Tacheampong
— May 2: Bhangra dancing!
— June 6: tabla with Daniel Ando Scholnick

About International House:

“International House Philadelphia has a critical three-fold mission: to maintain a diverse and welcoming community for scholars from around the world, while introducing them to the American experience; to broaden the horizons of its residents and the Greater Philadelphia community through high quality international arts and humanities programs; and to encourage understanding, respect, and cooperation among the people of all nations.”

AATW South and Central Asia tracking done . . . now we mix!

2014-08-04 17.42.502014-08-05 12.46.34

So many exciting things happened in the AATW world this summer, and I look forward to sharing the results of them with you this fall and beyond. One of the most exciting advances is that a multinational coalition of musical magicians, led by tabla master and revered guru Samir Chatterjee, finished final tracking for All Around This World: South and Central Asia, which will ultimately become a two CD set featuring 34 songs from all over the region, especially India. Samir called together phenomenal musicians from far and wide to create the easily enjoyable yet complexly layered music that will populate the CD. If you’re an educator in a home or school environment you will be able to have access to the AATW: South and Central Asia “classroom kit” in the spring. The rest of us … we have a huge springtime 2015 AATW: Africa release to wade through before we get there. But we’ll get there.

2014-08-04 16.44.062014-08-05 13.29.252014-08-05 14.00.54    

Meet the All Around This World Global Orchestra

AATW Global Orchestra11Much appreciation for everyone who came out to World Cafe Live in Philadelphia to greet the All Around This World Global Orchestra. The band and I had a phenomenal time performing for you, and we hope you had just as much fun singing and dancing along. For everyone who didn’t make it — even though World Cafe was pretty full on June 21st, the no-show list still numbers more than 7 billion — you shouldn’t give up hope. Just convince your school or family-friendly music festival to book the Global Orchestra some time in 2015 for a day-long global music educational workshop culminating in a crazy-great concert or an amazing show-stopping main stage performance. For information about the band, visit the Glocal Orchestra page at

Big AATW Event in Philadelphia June 21st

June 21st AATW concert postcard



Join me for an unprecedented, family-friendly but NOT JUST FOR KIDS All Around This World live event from 10am to 1pm on Saturday, June 21st at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, to CELEBRATE INTERNATIONAL MAKE YOUR OWN INSTRUMENT DAY with hands-on instrument-making and the debut of the All Around This World Global Orchestra, a 9 (maybe 10) piece electric band that will perform songs from AATW’s Latin America, Africa, South and Central Asia and Caribbean seasons. Tickets are $10 at the door or through the World Cafe Live site, though contact me directly for a VIP deal.

Featuring very special guest, DARIA, who will be leading the instrument-building based on her awesome global instrument-making guides. With Daria’s guidance we will all make Egyptian sistrums, Chinese Gongs and African-style tongue rattles.

This show could be a big leap forward for All Around The World and I’d love to pack the house. Bring friends bring friends bring friends!

Logo - DARIAInstrument Day 1Instrument Day 2

Join AATW on Pinterest to celebrate Make Your Own Instrument day and much more.

Update May 5, 2014

AAW May 1 Song-a-dayAll Around This World just turned 100! Well, sort of. On May 1 I posted my 100th live webcast video since opening the All Around This World Livestream site this past December. On December 7, 2013, I started the adventure with a whopping 12 videos, each two hours long, recorded during the crazy AATW 24 Hour Marathon. The rest have come one at a time, each and every weekday afternoon in 2014. Every day at about 5pm I appear on Livestream, almost always live, to celebrate a holiday that’s happening somewhere worldwide by sharing a song from the AATW curriculum. On May 1st, 2014, I posted my 100th Livestream video, marking global May Day festivities with “Ali Alo,” a French song about working hard, which we sing in our Western Europe season of songs. Whatever you’re doing at 5pm on weekdays, take a moment out and join me at I promise you’ll learn something new and have a lot of fun doing it.